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23 September 2011 @ 12:40 am
Writer's Block: Desert island  
List three books that have changed your life:
So I guess I'm listing three books that have changed my life. I've read many books that have affected the way I think and feel and even some of the choices I make in life. One in particular that I can remember is reading "The Trumpet Of the Swan" by E.B. White in fourth grade. Fourth grade in my school was when they allowed students to join the orchestra. I hadn't done that but my sister had. I was waiting to join band (which was allowed in fifth grade). This book influenced my decision the next year because it pushed me towards wanting to learn trumpet rather than saxophone or something else I would have maybe been more inclined to play had I not read the book. I played trumpet for 4 years and was first chair for the entirety of that time except like one week or so. I enjoyed trumpet so much, but after 8th grade when we were going into high school, our high school did not allow students to participate in concert band without also being in marching band and going to band camp (which I REALLY didn't want to do) so I gave it up. For three years I played no more music. I was a big music lover so this frustrated me. My senior year I missed music so much I randomly decided to join the orchestra as a bassist (I couldn't sight-read bass clef at that point and had not yet memorized the location of the notes). That was a lot of fun and probably the best decision I ever made. I picked it up pretty fast. I was going to go into more details about when I got a bass and taught myself how to read tabs but I'm rambling on about something unrelated now so I'll stop.

Another book that perhaps changed my life I didn't really plan on reading at all. It was a gift from a family friend (thanks Mary!). She thought I would enjoy Interview with the Vampire, knowing I liked fantasy movies and creepy things since I was a total tomboy. I'd heard of it but never really knew what it was about. I tend to be really picky about my books so I figured it would just be another one of those things I read a few pages of and stopped caring. Instead I became incredibly obsessed with the Vampire Chronicles, powering through book after book and stopping at 4. I attempted to read the fifth but it became too religious for me at that point. I remember reading Tale of the Body Thief in one or two days, barely getting any sleep that night but thinking it was totally worth it. The reason this book changed my life has more to do with the fact that I began reading the books in 8th grade or so, when my middle school combined with another school. These books really gave me something in common with Sandy and we talked nonstop about them. Our relationship definitely grew because of the love for these books that we both shared. Also, I became interested in anything vampire related where vampires had redeeming qualities of some sort. This probably led to me having the desire to watch True Blood which is now one of my favorite shows. And True Blood actually affects me a lot. I think it has great messages aside from the gratuitous sex. I had a dream once after my Anne Rice craze about a male vampire and a female human. The human was intrigued by the vampire and attempted to talk to him. He refused despite the fact that he liked her because he didn't want to hurt her. This dream really affected me and made me want to write (which is something I'm currently pursuing). I realize that the dream sounds vaguely twilight but I assure you this dream was pre-twilight and pre-Trueblood and the only thing I knew of vampires at the time was from Anne Rice. If I had written something right then I could have been famous and definitely wouldn't have stupid sparkly vampires that could impregnate humans. But alas, I was about 14 or something so I didn't really have the time.

For my third book I want to say probably Lord of the Rings. I only started reading them after I saw the preview for the first movie and I believe this preview was out quite a bit before the movie was released. In fact I was so lame at that point I'd never heard of the books before. I think I was in 6th grade or something. Don't remember. Anyway, this was my first real exposure to true fantasy before. I'd only ever read stupid classical literature and children's books that the teachers chose for us. Fantasy became one of the few things I ever wanted to read about after that. I hadn't particularly enjoyed reading before then because I never found something I really enjoyed, until I discovered fantasy. It was like nothing I'd ever read before, and this led to me trying to find more and more similar things to read and even video games to play. It contributed to my desire to play World of Warcraft and contributes to the novel I hope to write in the future.

Sorry this is so long. There are many other books that have influenced me but those probably have affected me the most. I didn't realize how much books altered the course of my life until I wrote this just now.
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